John F. Kennedy handed his large pens class 149 ink pen to the Federal

Montblanc in Hamburg, Germany in 1906 by a stationery business to create. 1924, Montblanc classic “classic class (MEISTERSTUCK)” series of ink pen available, craft and long-lasting Jun Ya design refined style, highlighting the love of writing, highly respected. Since then, nearly a hundred years, this series of products with the man of countless people pointing Jiangshan together to write the history of the world.

In 1963, John F. Kennedy handed his large class 149 ink pen to the Federal Chancellor of Germany, Conrad Adenauer said: “I can help you, Mr. Adenauer?” This classic scene is simply the best Montblanc . And the same love Montblanc pen and former Soviet President Gorbachev, Pope John Paul II, Queen Elizabeth II, it is always accompanied by these important figures on stage, witnessed and witnessed many of the world’s major political events .

Virginia Woolf, a well-known British consciousness-flow writer, made no secret of her affection for Montblanc. “Every time I use it, I feel that every word is far from my pen.” Later, Wall Street bankers and Japanese business men began to coat Of the pocket into the Montblanc pen, white six-pointed star sign as if a symbol of status and power, has become the same type of mutual recognition of the password.

For success, Montblanc always think is to find their own value and brand personality. Montblanc launched in 1986 the famous slogan: “Montblanc – writing art”, and quickly become the object of many luxury brands to follow. In 1992, Montblanc held the first “Montblanc International Art Sponsorship Award.” Since then, each year by a panel of internationally renowned artists, will be elected three intercontinental awards, in recognition of the winners in the arts

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