Montblanc found the most suitable for their own gene brand personality

Montblanc found the most suitable for their own gene brand personality, and as an important extension of the product line and affect the consumer’s core values.

“Luxury brand can not deviate from the value, not just a concept can be a luxury brand, it must have a deep cultural heritage, historical accumulation, cultural accumulation, and Montblanc’s marketing strategy is the cultural value and brand identity.” Montblanc (China) Co., Ltd. Managing Director Lu Xiaoming in the “commercial value” interview.

March 6, 2010, Oscar awards ceremony on the eve of the Montblanc in Los Angeles, “Love for Ming” charity reception celebrities gathered. “Love for the Ming” project started June 1, 2009, has been a total of up to 2 million US dollars in sales, and Montblanc is officially announced that all sales proceeds, donated to the UNICEF Global Education and Literacy Project.

March 19, as part of this activity, Montblanc sponsors international pianist Lang Lang in Lincoln Center, New York, near the Apple store live Chopin down A major Polish dance heroes. Apple’s online music store iTune released the song, all net proceeds will be donated to the United Nations Children’s Fund for the rescue of surviving children in the earthquake in Haiti.

Luxury charity or brand image, is not new, but Montblanc just find the most suitable for their genes breakthrough point – education and culture.

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